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LivEPICS Slackware v.16_1
LivEPICS Slackware v.16_1
LivEPICS Slackware v.16_1
How to configure network
How to save/restore settings
LivEPICS uses DHCP to autoconfigure your network card’s IP address, route tables and nameservers. If
you are on the network with DHCP server then you shouldn’t have any problem. Just boot LivEPICS and
everything will work. The only exception is proxy. If your ISP offers a proxy for web browsing, you will
need to configure it manually, because it’s not a part of DHCP response. Just start KDE and click the
icon for Control center. Choose Internet & Networking menu and then Proxy. Click “manual proxy
configuration” or something similar. It could happen that you don’t have any DHCP server. In this case,
you have to configure your network manually, by using the following commands:
Of course, you have to know your correct IP address, netmask, default gateway and nameserver, else
you won’t be able to make any connection to the Internet.
It’s also possible to setup aModemconnection, just run kppp in KDE, it will start a wizard. The only one thing
you should know is that your modem device is /dev/ttyS0 or /dev/tts/0 (both for COM1), or /dev/ttyS1 or
/dev/tts/1 (for COM2), etc.
If you are using ADSL then you could try adsl-setup and adsl-start program. If you are using wireless
connection, try iwconfig.
If nothing works for you, then you will need some special configuration (which I don’t know, of course), or
your hardware is not supported in Linux Kernel (there is not any module [driver] for Linux). In this case, just
wait few weeks/months/years, or write your own driver for it 🙂
To save your settings, run “configsave” command with one argument – the storage location. So type for
example to save your configs in USB flash drive into file. It will save all changed files from /root, /etc, /home and /var directories. Note that
that network settings (assigned IP address, etc) won’t be saved because they are not kept in any file.
To restore your previously saved backup, use ” “command. You can also save settings to the
root directory of your existing disk partition (for example to /mnt/hda1/ All settings found
in the root folder of any of your disk partitions ( under the name will be restored
automatically when LivEPICS boots.
ifconfig eth0 netmask
route add default gateway
echo “nameserver” >> /etc/resolv.conf
configsave /mnt/sda1/


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